“Protect your good bacteria” a comic proposal from Med Student Educational Module

So, this is what happens if you set a Medical Student the task of creating something that communicates an important message in how antibiotics are used….


(And if you’re interested – this isn’t just a fart joke…it’s an evidence-based piece of targeted work!

Poster presented FIS conference, Glasgow, 2015

For the literature behind the comic, read on…)

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Microbiological Phrases for the short of memory

So despite years of trying to learn tables of resistance profiles and antibiotic mechanisms (and trying to teach them this way) I’ve written down the way I’ve managed to remember something about antibiotic – little pearls of wisdom that microbiologists/seniors have trotted out at opportune times at the bedside/wardround, which, when uttered, earn a small nod of acknowledgement.  eg. “Hmm… should we add in metronidazole?” “Well, co-amoxiclav has decent anaerobic cover, but metronidazole will get into any abscess better”.  Funny, as mostly I’m a diagrams sort of person

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